外掛 內容說明
Advanced Custom Fields

Customize WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive fields.

版本 5.7.9 | 作者:Elliot Condon | 造訪外掛站台
allPay Payment

allPay Integration Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

Auto Login New User After Registration

Automatically login new user right after they have registered. Add Password field to registration form. Disable admin notification emails of new user registrations and user password resets. Allow redirect of new user to any page right after they have registered. Add Firstname and Lastname field to registration form.

版本 1.6.2 | 作者:Jeff Sherk | 造訪外掛站台 | Settings | DONATE

Collapse-O-Matic adds an shortcode that wraps content into a lovely, jQuery collapsible div.

版本 1.7.9 | 作者:twinpictures, baden03 | 造訪外掛站台
Custom Post Type UI

About | Help | 停用

Admin panel for creating custom post types and custom taxonomies in WordPress

版本 1.6.1 | 作者:WebDevStudios | 造訪外掛站台
Disable All WordPress Updates

Disables the theme, plugin and core update checking, the related cronjobs and notification system.

版本 1.6.3 | 作者:Oliver Schlöbe | 造訪外掛站台
ELU Hide Admin Menu

Hide unneeded items in admin menu and admin bar. Customizable by user role.

版本 1.0.0 | 作者:eLightUp | 造訪外掛站台
Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Limit the rate of login attempts, including by way of cookies and for each IP address.

版本 2.7.1 | 作者:wpchefgadget

Protect WordPress login, registration and comment form from spam with the new No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA

版本 1.3.4 | 作者:MailOptin Team | 造訪外掛站台

OnePaid Integration Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

版本 1.0.0 | 作者:GanguTech Co., Ltd. | 造訪外掛站台
PHP Code Widget

Like the Text widget, but it will take PHP code as well. Heavily derived from the Text widget code in WordPress.

版本 2.3 | 作者:Otto | 造訪外掛站台
Post Expiration Date

Expires posts at a set date and time.

版本 1.3 | 作者:Huguette Inc. | 造訪外掛站台
Posts Table Pro

Display your site’s posts, pages, and custom post types in a sortable, searchable and filterable data table.

版本 2.1.2 | 作者:Barn2 Media | 造訪外掛站台 | Docs
Really Simple SSL

無須進行繁複設定,便能讓網站實現 SSL/HTTPS 加密通訊協定的輕量型外掛。

Search & Filter Pro

Search & Filtering for posts, products and custom posts. Allow your users to Search & Filter by categories, tags, taxonomies, custom fields, post meta, post dates, post types and authors.

版本 2.4.6 | 作者:Code Amp | 造訪外掛站台
View own posts and media library items only

Limits posts and media library items available for contributors and authors by their own (added, uploaded, attached) only.

版本 1.3 | 作者:Vladimir Garagulya | 造訪外掛站台 | Changelog


版本 2.4.8 | 作者:WooThemes | 造訪外掛站台 | 文件 | API 文件 | 進階支援
WP Dashboard Cleaner

The Admin can remove unwanted widgets / sections from your WordPress Dashboard

版本 1.0.0 | 作者:Nilay Patel | 造訪外掛站台
WP Roles at Registration

This plugin asks the user to choose his role in the website during registration from a list of selected roles. Works with BuddyPress also.

版本 0.23 | 作者:NetTantra | 造訪外掛站台


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